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Generate new and engaging ways to incorporate the Strong Game into your meetings, project kickoff and town hall events.

How It Works


Develop collaboration and teamwork with The Strong Game. Designed to help you build stronger teams – The Strong Game is an easy to use online tool for Meetings, Team Building, Onboarding/Orientation, and Training.  With powerful analytics and real time polling, get a pulse on your team members and pivot quickly to adapt to changing circumstances.


Create a truly unique and engaging gamified training experience with The Strong Game. A perfect tool for icebreakers, building collaborative training teams, and summative / formative assessment. Use real time survey questions and analytics to pivot your training and ensure your audience is learning your content.


Spark connections and build networks with The Strong Game. This is the perfect networking tool for facilitators who are looking to bring strangers together quickly with intent. Our focus on team-based functionality provides a comfortable and safe platform that engages everyone in the room. Say goodbye to awkward ice-breaker activities and terrifying on-the-spot call outs.


High performance teams don’t just appear – They are built. The Strong Game is all about teams! Create engagement to help team members meet one another, tear down walls, and build relationships. Team based challenges quickly get people working together to solve problems – Helping build communication skills along the way.

Bring people together and get them collaborating in teams.  Challenge teams with some friendly competition with questions you create.  Help build individual accountability in a fun team environment. 

Develop relationships and build communication skills.

Onboarding & Orientation

How is your current on-boarding orientation program? Death by PowerPoint? Out of date video? Help new employees get to know your company, and each other, by engaging them with a Strong Game.

New employees come with great ideas, but need help getting to know the company, and who they’ll be working with. Kickstart a great relationship by incorporating the Strong Game into your employee onboarding/orientation program.

Build relationships between employees and your company starting day one.


Firing up a new team? Starting a new project? Embed fun icebreakers into your next team or project kickoff meeting. Get people talking and getting to know one another, reinforce meeting content, and include polls and open-ended questions to collect feedback.

Include your Audience throughout

Add polls and word clouds in between slides to facilitate constant interaction with your audience throughout your meeting.

Reinforce meeting content.

Prioritize and reinforce key information with knowledge or media based quiz questions.

Get real-time insights.

Get immediate user and group response analytics. Retrieve polling and opened questions, or gauge audience to see if the meeting contents is landing as expected.

Collect feedback to share with the group, or review privately.

Polling & Analytics

Use The Strong Game to poll employees during your presentation or training event.  Employees can select responses from a predetermined list or submit freeform open-ended feedback.  Use our analytics reporting tool to asses responses and pivot your presentation on-the-fly to address gaps in understanding.

Visualize employee feedback in real time without complicating third party analytical reporting tools.  Access responses immediately after a game, or solicit open ended feedback on whatever topic you choose.  Whether you’re hosting a happy hour for your remote team, or running a virtual training session, the Strong Game provides you a platform to collect feedback in a safe and private way.


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