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one game at a time!!!

Our interactive icebreaker game for business managers aims to improve team bonding and communication through engaging activities, perfect for team-building and corporate events.

A customizable, easy-to-use game platform that creates a personal and informal social experience.

Here’s how Strong Game Works



Creating a Strong Game takes minutes! Combine social and multiple choice questions with polls and open-ended questions.


Present the Strong Game on a shared screen or projector (in-person or online). Participants answer questions on their device.


Immediate post-game analytics tell you how well groups are working together, and if teams and individuals are understanding the content.

Hybrid Collaboration

In a matter of minutes, Strong Game provides employees a fun collaborative experience that will carry forward through their work week.

See what others say about Strong Game

Samin Saadat


“We highly recommend Strong-Game for your training sessions and events. We use Strong Game to gamify the learning experience for our participants and it makes the entire training very engaging and practical.

Jim Brosseau


“Strong Game lowers the barriers to allow us to connect with each other more quickly, in a way that supports deeper collaboration.”

Mike Galvin

Bammai Inc

“The Strong Game gives our team the opportunity to unwind and relax into games with some healthy competition.

It is so easy to set up and integrate into our regular routine.”


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 Case Studies

Generate new and engaging ways to incorporate The Strong Game into your training, meetings, and events by checking out the case studies below.  Click on a Case Study type to view different scenarios.

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